TalkWeb TV is the brainchild of 2 Australian Internet Entrepreneurs Eran Malloch & Clayton Johnston.

These guys have been flying under the radar online for years now, both successful in their own right as online marketers and helping others to brainstorm their ideas and move their business online and offline into the 21st Century in Style.

TalkWeb TV was conceived as a simple and effective way to educate people on how to setup and run their own successful Internet Business. Utilising the medium of Online Video, TalkWeb TV brings together the different dimensions required to build a profitable online (ad)venture. : )

This has seen an ever-increasing demand on our time from friends, family & business associates wanting quality advice and help with their own Internet ventures, dreams and goals, over the last few years…. Fortunately for you we have decided to put together a web portal of resources that will teach them and you (over time) how to research, implement and build your very own successful net business, without all the fluff, hype and over indulgent expenses…..

While we're not unique in that ambition and self help learning, one thing we felt that was missing from the market place was a service that gave people a true step-by-step program to begin earning money online. As our American friends say, "soup to nuts" on how to get that online business humming!

Bio of Clayton Johnston

Age: 36 (as of mid-2007)

Occupation: Operations Director (Lasertools Australia / Geodetic Australia)

Yippee !! What a fantastic roller coaster adventure for me…. 15 years of business management and entrepreneurship with little or no capital available for growth, I have helped to create millions of dollars in assets and niche jobs for quality people and continue to do so yearly..

I love to learn and I love dealing with people, helping them along the way with their dreams, goals and attaining personal empowerment….. Life is all about living, having fun, life experiences, family, friends and meeting genuine people daily for me….

I mean without people, networking and helping others to live a little, what life experience is there of any value anyway !! For me it's all about belief, and if you believe in yourself and what you can do to make a difference in your life then hey guess what, I believe in you too….. That's the first step !!

With 8 years Internet Marketing Experience & Networking with some of the world's most passionate internet legends and genuine money makers , I firmly believe the Talk Web TV group can help you achieve greatness on the next level and a lot faster than having to undertake the journey alone…… I love the Internet and all the opportunities it brings to my friends globally and locally…..

My life has been about fast tracking the business journey for my friends, customers and employees, so that they can begin to enjoy what it is they do for a living and start getting excited about waking up each and every day…. It is these Skills and Experience combined with Smart Marketing, Long Term Growth Strategies and your own personal touch that will empower each and every one one us to do more for one another daily…. Talk Web TV is set to be a thriving online and offline community that is all about TEAMWORK yet focuses on the needs of each INDIVIDUAL…..

We have the Resources, Tools, Products and People to make a difference to keeping more money in your pocket should you take the Internet Money Making Path…. If you choose another path I still actively encourage you to visit our forums and subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest success stories, internet growth ideas and positive motivational bits & pieces from myself, Eran and our Viewers to help brighten up your day…. : ) We all need a hand at some stage and the TWTV community will have many hands to share with you, especially when u really do need one…..

I am very excited about being part of this project with my Internet Partner Eran and we are both equally excited to be able to have the opportunity to help make a difference to how you do business online and teaching you to spend your time and money more wisely….

Welcome to the TEAM and I'm really looking forward to joining you on your Internet Entrepreneur & Networking Journey….

Bio of Eran Malloch

Age: 42 (as of mid-2007)

Occupation: Search Engine Marketing specialist (WCR Internet Marketing)

I have over 15 years experience in the IT (Information Technology) industry, working as a salesperson, software trainer, IT consultant and manager. I discovered the Internet via a client back in the mid-1990's, before the ORIGINAL windows based browser (anyone remember Mosaic) was introduced, and fell in love with this amazing medium of communication from day 1.

Since then, my work has always had some involvement with the Internet, whether it was using it to do research, or sell products and services online. However, it wasn't until 1999 that I discovered "Internet Marketing" and realised that there was a better way to sell online that the vast majority of website owners were doing.

My quest to master this internet marketing 'thing' has taken me around the world since, and has cost many tens of thousands of dollars in educational investments.

Finally, in 2005, I commenced working at WCR Internet Marketing, one of Australia's leading Search Engine Optimization/Marketing firms, and hit the jackpot - I finally got to put everything I had done & learned before into practice on behalf of my clients. During the last 2 years, I have learned the secrets of SEO, Google Adwords (I am now a Certified Google Adwords Professional), copywriting, email marketing and many other skills required to meet the needs of our Australian business clients.

TalkWeb TV is my partnership (with Clayton) for the future. Clayton & I are thrilled to be bringing this education to a wider audience, and in the process, we plan to help a lot of people earn a second income on the net, or even a full-time income, if that's your ambition. We look forward to working with all of you and invite you to come along on this adventure.