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Are Your Systems Costing You Money? »

When is it the right time to upgrade your systems?
This is the single most asked question by any budding Entrepreneur….
and the only Question never asked by the Business Owner / Manager…
Are u frustrated by the politics in your workplace…. the Old Way's as opposed to the New Way's. Have u ever worked anywhere in your […]

Marketing - Who Needs It? »

Marketing & Quality Sales Systems are Income Producing !!
Everything Else in your Business is Simply an Expense !!
I hope that statement answers your question…..
It is not a matter of why do I need to Market, it is a question of show me how to market !!!
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Offering Value To Your Customers »

Why do you still think your customers owe you something???
It never ceases to amaze me how business owners, staff and management teams still think their customers actually need them….
It is this arrogance that continues to see quality customers walk out the door and straight into
the nearest competitors door…..
Because of this arrogance, you don't even know […]

Networking - Is The Net Working? »

So……. U Think u can do it all by yourself ??
Hello Talk Web TV Networkers,
Hope u enjoyed your weekend….. I know my kids were well catered too, I hope you got too enjoy the smile on your relatives and friends faces too …….
I know I just love to see happy people…..
NETWORKING, what is it really……
So […]

A Great Idea Evolves to a Greater Solution »

Behind every great idea, u will find a great solution !!
Hello Talk Web TV Networkers,
U will no doubt have many Innovative Ideas right now, sitting qietly & patiently in your thoughts !!
IS your Idea simply waiting and wondering how or when can I explode to life !!
Does that Sound like it may be u and […]

Taking Action - What Is The Secret? »

Are u Still Dreaming it or Actually living it?
That's correct, u heard right, there is no secret to taking ACTION….
Hello TWTV Business Marketers,
What more do u need to know,
U have a plan
U have an Idea
U have a vision……
So what is stopping you from making these things a reality…..
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