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Blog Trolls Are Sick »

You all know that old saying about "you can't please all of the people all of the time…"?
Well, for the first time ever, I had a nasty experience with a "troll" - someone whose manners and class are sorely lacking.
Someone left a nasty spam comment on one of our posts today, and didn't have the balls […]

Google or Microsoft : Who Do We Hate The Most? »

Remember the "good old days" when EVERYBODY hated Microsoft, and Bill Gates was the devil in (geek) disguise???
Well, guess what? In Redmond, they're laughing their heads off these days, because the heat is off them and onto Google!
Bill Gates & Steve Ballmer must be quietly thrilled that Page & Brin are now public enemy # 1…
..or so […]

Top 3 Blog Platforms »

Boy, have they turned out to be one of the unexpected big items on the internet in the last few years. Blogs - the name came from weblogs (personal and opinion journals/diaries) are now very much mainstream.
Blogs (and Blogging - the 'art' of writing on a blog) are so common and popular now that it […]

Top 3 Networking Sites »

In business, both online and offline, networking is a vital function, because it allows you to get your name out into the market place.
Without networking, you've got no exposure, and with no exposure, you've got no clients, and with no clients, you've got … :-)
The internet was built on networking, via links, so it's a […]

Top 3 Article Sites »

Article publishing is a powerful way to build your brand, as well as increase your site visibility in the search engines, and there DO exist sites that allow authors to freely publish their articles, and site owners and ezine/newsletter publishers to use on-topic articles for free.
To explain it more clearly, lets see what our #1 […]

Top 3 Domain Name Resellers »

If you want a website, you need a domain name!
It's as simple as that, and if you won't pony up the small price of a domain, then you are NOT serious about earning an income online!
A domain name is to an online business what a street or postal address is to an offline business. Without […]

Top 3 Autoresponder Services »

An Autoresponder is a VITAL tool for anyone serious about building a profitable business on the Internet. If you don't have an autoresponder email system, you're just not serious about making a profit!
If you're new and wondering what an autoresponder is, then the simplest way to explain it is that it is an email system […]

Top 3 Hosting Providers »

If you plan to have an online business, chances are pretty strong that you'll need yourself a website (or 10!)
And, if you need a website, you'll need Hosting…
Hosting, for the new folks online, is where you rent storage space and bandwidth from a Hosting provider (often your ISP is both a hosting company AND an […]