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Marketing - Who Needs It?

Marketing & Quality Sales Systems are Income Producing !!

Everything Else in your Business is Simply an Expense !!

I hope that statement answers your question…..

It is not a matter of why do I need to Market, it is a question of show me how to market !!!

The sole reason a business exists is to create money and trade values with people….

People make up a business and Customers Justify that business. A business does not exist without these ongoing daily relationships….

Are u a giver or a taker in your business ?

How do u treat your customer ( the liquid cashflow )?

Do u deserve to receive their money or do u think they owe it to u?

Those who don't market are in this 2nd category, they believe they are above the norm and hence have no interest in Marketing their Business, Product or Brand…… If they want it they will find me…….

Well it was a nice philosphy when their was no competition. In the 21st Century of Trading, it is a different ballgame. Simply put Hope is not a plan !!

Are u still whipping your quality staff into submission, do u blame your poor figures on your staff……. Have you positioned your business for the next 5 years with Marketing or do you walk the tight rope daily slave driving your workers to get just enough profit to make it thru another day of company sacrifice…….

What is your 6 month marketing plan, 12 month, 2 year, 3 year plan etc etc

Don't have one? Well u had better wake up, because when things don't grow they die and when things die there is only one question left at the end of it…..

Did u live each day to 100% maximum capability or did u sit back and let everyone else around dictate to you your needs……

I know which I prefer, let me know if you have some time to grow or are u too busy dying……

Ask yourself, Do I love my life today….

To change your mind of procrastinating bad habits your answer must surely be

Yes I love my life today……..

In Birth it all starts with the Want to grow Strong and die Smiling

In Business it all starts with the Marketing to Grow Strong and die Smiling………

In Life it all Starts with the Experience to Grow Strong and die Smiling……..

In Death it all Starts with the Honest Reflection to Grow strong and die smiling……..

The moral of the story……

Well there never was one, My job is to get you thinking about Marketing, right now today, this very minute…..

The best quality product in the world will not be a great seller if the people don't know about it……

What value do u have on your Marketing Systems and your Marketing Team ??

If it aint your number one priority, then you are just simply spending money with little or no return…

Change your priorities and your thinking today and move your biz into top gear for your future !!

Have a great day

Clayton J

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