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Offering Value To Your Customers

Why do you still think your customers owe you something???

It never ceases to amaze me how business owners, staff and management teams still think their customers actually need them….

It is this arrogance that continues to see quality customers walk out the door and straight into
the nearest competitors door…..
Because of this arrogance, you don't even know that your customers are spending thousands of dollars with your competitors monthly….

So why don't u Know this could be happening…..

Simply Because u are too lazy and have never ever taken the time to ask your customers if they are

A ) Happy with your Service
B ) Happy with your Staff
C ) In need of other products that you may source for them
D ) Happy with your products
E ) Offer feedback on how u can improve your service to them

Sure I hear u say, why should I ask them, I see them each month…….
Arrogance is an amazing human condition thing isn't it ?

I know many customers who are happy to spend a few hundred dollars with a variety of suppliers each month simply to keep them on side, but u never find out about the Thousands of dollars they are pouring into your competitors business, because you have never asked……

A minor problem I hear you say once again, but being kicked in the teeth once might be ok, but what about the fact that your customer is LOYAL to your competitor because that is where his/her money is going…..

Your worst nightmare in fact is the amount of information that customer is sharing and trading with your competitor….. Bankruptcy is not a myth, the figures are dreadful in all Countries……… If u have been there and done than that, then u will know what I am talking about………

So what are you going to do to right now to avoid this heartache……
It is simple Offer Value to your customers everytime u see them or trade with them and I mean value everytime…….

The simple things in life are often the Best…..

Here is a few sure fire tips…..

  • Smile everytime you deal with a customer
  • Offer them a free gift when they spend big money with u
  • Talk to them about how they are feeling and how their business is going
  • Ask them about your competitors offers and products, quality, price etc
  • Give them Bang for their Buck everytime they purchase from u

A few simple tricks, but in business it is about money in your bank and not your competitors….

So sharpen your pencil today and take care of your customers…..

Remember, despite what you think, they do not need you at all……

Follow your dreams and be passionate about your work, this will show in all things you do daily and will reflect in the quality of your customers….

Have a great day

Clayton J

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