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Are Your Systems Costing You Money?

When is it the right time to upgrade your systems?

This is the single most asked question by any budding Entrepreneur….

and the only Question never asked by the Business Owner / Manager…

Are u frustrated by the politics in your workplace…. the Old Way's as opposed to the New Way's. Have u ever worked anywhere in your career and tried to approach your boss with some helpful advice, to improve on the current working business systems, only to be pushed back into your box so fast, u wondered why u even got out of bed that morning.

It is exactly that type of negativity, that see's countless Entrepreneur's Set sail for their own million dollar enterprise…. When I ask many people why they left their secure job to walk into the unknown and set up their own business & systems, 9 times out of 10 timesĀ it will be the same reason…….

I tried to help the owner / manager, change his systems to keep up with the times, but it was simply too scary for him to leave his comfort zone and make the necessary changes…… So now I use my own systems in my own business, and I get plenty of praise daily, from me ( the new boss :) :) ), my customers, suppliers and employees…… Would u believe I even enjoy working more these days, but even more so now I have learnt to listen to those around me with energy, because they are the real money makers……..

Indeed I have heard this story hundreds of times and yes this is still happening on a daily basis………. Which type of boss are u ?

On a positive aspect many entrepreneurs can thank this type of " I know it all " Boss for their success….. They try so many ways to get the message across and implement user friendly and helpful systems that will benefit the company as a whole….. Yes indeed they try, but are they really wasting their energy for no reason, that is the real question today……..

So now I am asking u, the Business Owner, Business Manager, Business Guru…….

How many Partners, Employees, Customers and Suppliers do u need to Blame for your position in life, in order to learn from obvious mistakes ?? Yes these mistakes are costing money, and usually if an employee notices, then it is costing BIG MONEY !! what if it is 4 or 5 employees…….. How many do u need to listen to to take ACTION…. The answer is 1 and 1 only……. If you want to survive in the 21st century in this Fast Paced Business World, you actually need all the Friends and Allies u can get.. you listen to anyone and everyone who actually cares enough to give u a straight answer and offer a solution to a problem, period…….

Your Employees, Customers and Suppliers are your business and that is a fact, without them u only have yourself left to blame………Now we can't have that can we ?? If you don't beleive me then ask around about all those mean and negative ex business men and women who have a sad, sad story to tell ( yes those lonely hard done by people )……. u can bet it was never their fault, they tried so hard and did everything right it was always the partners or someone else who ruined them…… How could they have done it !!! Blah Blah Blah……

So the first question to ask about your systems…… Can they actually be changed to make more profit. The right answer is Yes without a doubt.

The Second Question to ask is… Can the Owner or manager work with u to make these changes..
The right answer is Yes, if they are willing to change and become a listener again.
They know everything already so why should they listen to anyone I hear u say ?

It's a strange thing " that u can't teach old dogs new tricks " But u can improve the rewards and the returns when u tackle some idea's and new tricks…….

If u have this problem, the first step to take is to set out your plans and goals, with a view to either Time Saved or Profits to be made…… Money talks to these people, so u need to spell it out in simple facts and figures terms….. And yes of course they will still blame other outside influences, why they Can't do this or that… Cheap talk as u are aware, but you must push on to get a result….

It is amazing how many business owners have never set a target goal or business plan, it is also equally amazing how it is always these exact same people complaining how hard life is and they never had anything on a silver spoon, but their competitors did………

SO before we start changing systems, u first need to change your own thinking, your partners thinking, your managers thinking, so on and so on…… Without Leadership there is only Chaos !

Remember Talk is Cheap, so be sure you have done your homework and research into any proposals you put forward…… Smile if your boss rejects it, because I'm sure there are many out there who would appreciate it…… u just haven't found them yet…… Keep all of your hard work and valuable ideas, because it is important, never let any negative person, make u feel smaller than them….. Because guess what, if they don't listen to what u have to say, then don't bother because Arrogance is a curse and a well deserved one at that……

Change your thinking first and then look at changing your systems !!

Yes your Systems are costing you money, WHY - becasue u haven't changed your thinking yet.. You must move outside of the square and your comfort zone in this Brave New Business World… Don't Be Shy !!!

Goals + Plan + Action + Targets = Business Satisfaction….

It used to be that simple, until business people began to think how smart and clever they were compared to the average sheep in the street….. I don't need to know how to make money, thats what I pay u for… You are in charge of my destiny…. Not….. Now in this dog eat dog society people continue to use people to get what they want……… But where is their Value on offer, Did they create Positive feelings today or Negative feelings today …. U will be very suprised by the majority of answers….. A Very sad story indeed, just make sure from now on that u are one of the happy smiling new business people today creating a positive vibration for your team !!

Show the way, become a 21st century leader, give your people a positive direction with vision and a reason to become genuinely excited about working with u and not 4 u………
This small difference in thinking will reduce your arrogance right away….. remember with as opposed to for…. Its all in your perspective……. Are u a dictator or a Creator…..

I hope this keeps u well and helps u too tackle those obstacles in your path to success…..

Have a great day

Clayton J

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