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Welcome to TalkWeb TV

Greetings web surfers, and welcome to - the Online TV Channel for Internet Entrepreneurs.

Your hosts are the Australian duo of Eran Malloch and Clayton Johnston. But if you want to know more about us, just read the About page…

We're here to help YOU and talk about what we can do to help YOU get your own successful online business up and running.

For now, TalkWeb TV is free to ALL who visit and register with our email newsletter. Down the track, we'll be offering some paid membership options for the really serious business owners and closet entrepreneurs amongst you. Until then, enjoy!

TWTV is focussed on those topics of most interest to anyone wanting to start a business using the power of the Internet AND (most importantly) wanting to succeed with their venture.

We don't know what success is to you - whether it's $100/month, $1,000/month or even $10,000/month (wouldn't that be cool!!!) BUT we're here to help you move forward to your business goals and dreams.

TalkWeb TV is primarily what is called a Video Blog (or vlog or vBlog, depending on who you talk to), so most of our training and education will be delivered in video format straight off this site. Hence the 'TV' channel idea…it's something we are all familiar with.

So, in the days, weeks and months ahead, you can expect to see a decent amount of new and informative content added to this site, so we recommend you subscribe to our newsletter. That way, we'll email you every time a new video or topic is released. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed as well, if you're already a bit of an RSS guru. :-)

You are also invited to post your own comments on this site, so you can ask questions or give your opinions on our posts. This is a COMMUNITY of like-minded Internet Entrepreneurs, and the power of Web 2.0 and Blogging makes it easy for you to participate in this.

OK folks, that's all for now, but thanks for dropping by. Please come back soon and we look forward to getting to know and work with you as you participate in this exciting adventure with the 2 of us.

Until next time, it's goodbye from me, and its goodnight from him! :-)

Eran & Clayton.

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