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A Great Idea Evolves to a Greater Solution

Behind every great idea, u will find a great solution !!
Hello Talk Web TV Networkers,

U will no doubt have many Innovative Ideas right now, sitting qietly & patiently in your thoughts !!

IS your Idea simply waiting and wondering how or when can I explode to life !!

Does that Sound like it may be u and also many of your friends or associates…

OF course it does, you have heard it all before, you even talk about it regularly, until the beer and wine runs dry. Yes you ceratinly have the next million dollar idea, an innovative idea that this planet could really do with…

A solution to a simple problem maybe…

Nice Story isn't it ? u betcha it is, I've hear it all a thousand times over, I will get around to it, my car is sick, the footy was on, my life sucks, You wouldn't believe….. I had no choice. If only I knew the right people or I had better options and ideas and yes the movie rolls on regardless Blah Blah Blah….
Well I am going to change all that for a select group of go getters… I will be posting valuable and some times not so valuable information regulalrly on this blog !!

My Life experiences will be made available regularly, including Resources & VTO Networkers who may just be the key in helping u overcome an obstacle u face in your business or relationship today !!

You may just learn some of the closely guarded secrets of creating a million dollar Internet business, simply by keeping up to date with my weekly energy outbursts …

The aim of this blog is to give Value to Others (VTO)…

My specialty field will be bridge building. Building A colourful new and solid bridge, from old world thinking to new world thinking.

Bridging the Gap step by step in unique style and helping the Earth unite - today's Energetic Youth with tommorow's Life Changing Experiences..
Merging these aspects into a valuable an exciting positive outcome for the avid adventurer !!!
It is this creative part of your brain that we will need to explore & nuture daily, especially to ensure a quality healthy business & family lifetsyle experience becomes reality …..
If u try hard enough, Some dreams do come true !!

This blog won't be for everyone, simply because most don't know me personally, and in all likelihood most couldn't care less. So I do expect the Judge and the Jury to appear every now and then…. So do me a favour and don't forget to laugh at yourself now and then in the process…

Soul satisfaction can occur in a variety of ways when trying to better oneself in any given field..

In other words, I am going to spill the beans on my million dollar Internet travels and experiences providing the readers with a quality view of what it takes to navigate your way thru the Internet Wilderness Smiling and be successful while doing it…

Stay tuned, because this Blog is now showing at a PC near you…
Innovation, Freedom, Networking and Laughter are the theme of this Little Black Sheep….
In fact I wonder who will even read this rubbish, surely u must all know everything by now. In fact Most people I talk to these days seem to know everything… amazing how smart the people are in the world we live in. Never the less it is still rather exciting to think that some unique individuals just might have a second look at the streetwise kid's story who got to talk to some of the big people in this wonderful world… and u can too….
and to think I haven't even started my blog yet….

Keep Smiling, the world really needs it !!


Have a great Day !!

Clayton J

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