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Top 3 Autoresponder Services

An Autoresponder is a VITAL tool for anyone serious about building a profitable business on the Internet. If you don't have an autoresponder email system, you're just not serious about making a profit!

If you're new and wondering what an autoresponder is, then the simplest way to explain it is that it is an email system that allows a website owner to capture visitors email address and name, and communicate with them on a regular basis.

It's the online world equivalent of a newsletter and customer communication tool, and can be used to automatically send emails of information in any timed sequence you want (great for offering an automatic free email course to get someone familiar with you and your services before they become a paying customer), as well as allowing you to send out regular update emails (ala a client newsletter).

One of the KEY factors to success online is to build a list of prospective and current clients, so that you can communicate with them regularly. Autoresponders provide this capability at a VERY low cost, backed up by a LOT of power.

Another VITAL component of using a proper autoresponder service is that they provide Permission-Based email marketing functionality. Unless you want to be accused of spamming people or breaking any laws with your email marketing, you are best advised to go with a reputable email autoresponder marketing system that includes double opt-in features designed to satisfy laws such as the CAN-SPAN act of 2003  of the USA, or the similarly named Spam Act of 2003 in Australia.

This is what one of our top recommended providers had to say on the subject of Double Opt-in emails and their importance:

What's Double Opt-In? Is it the Same as Confirmed Opt-In?

"Double Opt-In" is not necessarily the same as Confirmed Opt-In; however, in some discussions people use the two terms to mean the same thing.

Confirmed Opt-In
This term refers to a situation where someone fills out a web form, requesting information from you, then affirms their request to be on your list by clicking on a unique link emailed to their address. If they don't click on that link, their signup is not completed, and they receive nothing further from you.

In conversations with email marketers, we've found that many use the term "Double Opt-In" to refer to this situation. However, there are also other uses of this term that refer to less reputable email practices.

"Double Opt-In" as a Spammer Term
Double Opt-In can also refer to a situation where someone submits an email address in a web form, then submits that address again on a second page (which they're taken to immediately after submitting the first form). This usage is commonly seen among spammers and lead vendors.

Double Opt-In is also used by spammers to refer to a situation where the subscriber was "opted-in" without their consent, then "opted-in" a second time when they failed to unsubscribe after receiving the first message. (ref: SpamHaus)

Our recommendations for the top 3 autoresponders we use or know about are as follows:

A Weber : TalkWeb TV owners Clayton & Eran have been clients of aweber for a few years now, and this company is considered to be the Rolls Royce of auto responder email services worldwide. For under $20/month, you get full email capacities that most other smaller services charge double, triple or even five times as much for! Sounds crazy, but its true. More than 50% of all online entrepreneurs are said to be aweber users, so they MUST be doing something right!

1 Shopping Cart : These guys offer a unique service that not only offers autoresponder capabilities, but for an extra monthly fee, they'll provide a heap of other goodies into the bargain. You can get an affiliate tracker system, a shopping cart facility, ad trackers and split testing and various other services, all integrated into the 1 system. Obviously more expensive if you want the extra fruit, but great value for money compared to trying to integrate 2, 3 even 4 different functions into 1.

Get Response : These folks are based in Poland, but are one of the top players in the world now. If you want to compare an alternative to Aweber or 1 Shopping Cart, then you can't really go past Get Response. Simon Grabowski, their CEO, is VERY well known and respected in the Internet Marketing community. Get Response does offer a low-end free account to get you started, but in our opinion, you'd be better off getting a paid service - it is much more flexible and powerful.

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