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Top 3 Blog Platforms


Boy, have they turned out to be one of the unexpected big items on the internet in the last few years. Blogs - the name came from weblogs (personal and opinion journals/diaries) are now very much mainstream.

Blogs (and Blogging - the 'art' of writing on a blog) are so common and popular now that it sometimes seems like "everybody" has their own blog…

Of course, that's really not true. I know that out of all my friends and family, there are only 2 of us who own a blog and who add to that blog on a semi-regular basis, so in reality, its still a small percentage of folks who are bloggers.

To quote Dan Gillmore of back in 2003:

"…Part of that vision, shared by other blogging pioneers, has been to help democratize the creation and flow of news in a world where giant companies control so much of what most people see, hear and read. Weblogs are also becoming a valuable communication tool for groups of people, and have begun to infiltrate the corporate, university and government spheres."

However, the beauty of blogging is that anyone with an internet connection can begin blogging TODAY, and (perhaps more importantly) can also EARN AN INCOME from blogging!

Bloggers CAN and do earn an income from their efforts (some professional bloggers earn $5000 - $10,000 a month in income - we'll profile some of these folks on TalkWeb TV soon - watch this space…), which is one reason why many folks consider taking up blogging as a hobby/interest/business.

So, if you're going to be a blogger, then you need a blog (doh)! However, the question is, which blog "platform" should you use, because there are LOTS of them. Many are free, although there are also paid blog platforms. And, as with all things in this world, some of them are useless and others are excellent!

By the way, in case you're wondering why I use the word "platform", you can substitute whatever word works for you: software program, application, system, tool, etc…

So, you can expect a HEAP more info from us about blogging as this site grows, but for now, all we want to do is give you our recommendations for our 3 favourite blogging platforms:

1) WordPress : Without a doubt, WordPress is the #1 blogging platform or system in the world today. And, best of all, it's free! In case you hadn't guessed yet, TalkWeb TV is built on a WordPress blog.

There are 2 options when it comes to WordPress: you can download your own copy of WordPress from and install it on your own web server, or you can get a free wordpress blog from  Both options have their pros & cons - we'll cover off more on that in a future post, but we personally prefer option 1 (download and install on your own server).

2) Blogger : Blogger was perhaps the first blog platform to really hit mainstream net consciousness, because Google ended up buying them back in 2003. Their system is free - you can have as many individual blogs as you like, although I doubt you'll find the time to actively post to 20 at once!

3) Movable Type : MT is part of the Six Apart family - Makers of weblog software and services for individuals, organizations and businesses. The whole six apart family is rather confusing - there's quite a few options (many of them require a payment) BUT Movable Type is available in Free & Paid versions and has a strong following.

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