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Top 3 Domain Name Resellers

If you want a website, you need a domain name!

It's as simple as that, and if you won't pony up the small price of a domain, then you are NOT serious about earning an income online!

A domain name is to an online business what a street or postal address is to an offline business. Without a domain, its difficult to find your website, and (perhaps more importantly) it looks pretty darn unprofessional!

Most countries offer their own unique country domains (for example, in Australia, we have,, and so forth), and then there are the more general domain name types most of us are familiar with (the .com, .net, .org and so on). These are called Top-Level Domains.

BE WARNED! Many country-specific domain name resellers charge EXHORBITANT rates for top-level domains, relying on the customer's innocence and/or ignorance about what sort of prices are out there.

In fact, just last night I got 2 emails from an Australian domain provider (not mentioning any names, but they are based in the capital city of Victoria!), telling me that 2 .com domain names I purchased off them several years ago had expired, and if I wanted to renew them, I had to take action now.

That's fine I thought, until I went to do this and discovered that they wanted AU$69.30/year to renew each domain name. All good until you realise that the top US domain companies would sell me the same name for 1 year for less than US$10!

What A RIP OFF!!!

Don't get sucked in by your local domain company like this if you want to buy top-level domains (in particular). Shop around first BEFORE you buy.

So, here's the 3 domain resellers we recommend:

Go Daddy : Strange name, but great prices! These guys are apparently the largest single domain reseller in the world, and their prices (for .com domains, as an example) start at only US$9.95/year! Cheaper still for multiple year registrations.

Better Domain Names : Long name, great service. BDN also offer low-cost domain names, as well as discounted prices on email accounts.

Aust Domains : If you want to purchase Australian level domains, such as and so forth, these guys are a MUCH cheaper alternative to the big name competitor I (didn't officially) mention above. 2 year domains are only $69, instead of $140 for the "other" guys!

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