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Top 3 Hosting Providers

If you plan to have an online business, chances are pretty strong that you'll need yourself a website (or 10!)

And, if you need a website, you'll need Hosting…

Hosting, for the new folks online, is where you rent storage space and bandwidth from a Hosting provider (often your ISP is both a hosting company AND an internet service provider) to store your website files and give your site access to the Internet.

In Australia, hosting is usually ridiculously expensive, because local hosting firms rely on ignorance of the buying public as to what price is fair and what capacity they make available to you, so we recommend you consider going with an overseas hosting firm.

It doesn't matter what country they are based in, as long as they provide a quality service at a fair price. So, even for an Australian-only business, you can still use a host in the USA or UK, etc.

If you wish your website to be country-specific, you just have to purchase a domain name that is appropriate for that country (ie. in Australia, a domain; in the UK, a, etc.) Once you have your hosting account up & running, you point the domain name at it (in hosting terminology, this is called setting up your Name Server/s) and it the search engines will then know which country you are most interested in servicing, regardless of which country your site is hosted in.

So, as an example, if we wanted to set up a site targetting Australia, but hosted in the USA, we would purchase a domain name, change its name server details to point at your USA hosting firm's server - eg &, and its all ready to rock and roll!

So, don't get fooled into believing the outrageous prices that many local hosting firms charge. You can get almost any site hosted for less than US$10/months, unless you have high-end requirements.

Here's our recommendations for who we consider are the 3 best hosting providers out there:

Host Gator : These guys are the market leaders in low-cost shared & reseller hosting services. We've used them for 3+ years now and they perform extremely well, and have lots of cool stuff bundled with your package. Their prices start at US$6.95/month, but if you don't want a reseller account, we recommend their "Baby" account, for only $9.95/month.

Serv Int : TalkWeb TV is hosted with these guys, because they offer awesome support and power (at a good price) for those people wanting a more powerful system. We rent a VPS (Virtual Private Server) off them, and can upgrade our account to a full blown dedicated server with minimal fuss and downtime. Their prices currently start at US$49/month.

TalkWebTV Hosting : We decided that for the beginning Internet Entrepreneur, who was operating on a tight budget and only wanted a small website and 1 domain, that we'd provide our own hosting services for TalkWeb TV viewers. With pricing starting as low as $5/month, we can give you a great entry-level hosting package which includes all sorts of goodies that you wouldn't normally get in Australia (or overseas) for such a budget price.

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